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Saturday, January 25, 2020

How to update driver without software and without spend money ?

          Today I will tell you a different method to download or update drivers. If you do not know what the is driver and what is its importance, then click on this link-What is the driver and its importance?
Your laptop or desktop serial number is required to update the driver. If you do not have a serial number then click on this link- How to get the serial number?

There are so many methods to update drivers.

Method 1: This is the best way to update or download a driver. I highly recommend you to use this method. Try this method first, if it is not working for you then go for another method. In this method, there is not any software required. It is totally free.

     Step 1: Click on the link below according to the manufacturer of your device.

     Step 2: Now enter your Serial Number and press enter.
     Step 3: The driver list will appear. Download the driver according to your needs.

Method 2: This method is very simple. In this method, you will need an internet and driver pack solution setup.

     Step 1: Click on this link- DriverPack Solution
     Step 2: Click on "Install all required drivers". Now setup will be download.
     Step 3: Open setup. It will take some time. After some time outdated and missing driver lists will appear.
     Step 4:  Select the required driver and Click on Install.



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