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Thursday, December 17, 2020

What is firmware, flashing and flash tool ??

What is firmware?

Firmware is a software program that controls all the components of electronic devices. Without firmware, the device will be non-functional. If for some reason the firmware of your device crashes or there is a technical flaw in it, then your device will either be dead or will not work well. In this condition, you need to flash your device using the flash tool. Firmware is stored in the flash ROM of a hardware device.

What is flashing?

Sometimes the firmware of the device gets corrupted due to some virus or other reason, due to which our device does not work properly. In this case, we need to write the new firmware. Writing the firmware of the device is called flashing. Flash Tool and Firmware are required to flash any device.

What is a flash tool?

Flash tool is an application that helps to flash devices. In another word, We can say that Flash Tool is software that helps to write firmware in the device. There are different flash tools for each device.


SP Flash Tool, Odin, SPD Upgrade Tool, etc.


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